2021 Schedule

Friday, February 19, 2021
4:30-5:15 Registration. HAL Atrium.
5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.
7:00-8:00 Hans Sennholz Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.
“The Jacksonians Bank War: Liberty versus Power” – Dr. Patrick Newman

Saturday, February 20, 2021
8:00-8:30 Coffee and Pastries. HAL Atrium.

8:30-10:00 Sessions
Behavior: Rational or Irrational? Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
○ “Racial Discrimination: Why We See It, or Why We Don’t” Elsie Becker (Grove City College)
“Why Does Demand for College Continue?” Dana Ross (Grove City College)
○ “A Study in the Proposition of Time Preference,” Yannis Petrzak (Northeastern University)

10:15-11:45 Sessions
Economic History: Secular and Sacred. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
○ “German Hyperinflation” Zachary Urbytes (Grove City College)
○ “Hugo Grotius and the Dutch Golden Age,” Wesley Gaines (Grove City College)
○ “Economic Perspectives on the Benefits of State-Run Churches,” Phillip Lothe (Grove City College)

Economic Controversies: New and Old. Chairman: Caleb Fuller. HAL 116.
○ “The CARES Act: Caring about Effects, not Just Intentions,” Jared Kettinger (Grove City College)
○ “Sickening and Cyclical: COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Current Business Cycle” Michael Reese (Grove City College)
○ “The Manipulation of Economic Data for the Purpose of War,” Lillian Ford (Grove City College)

12:00-1:30 Lunch. SU Great Room.

2:00-3:30 Sessions
Entrepreneurship in Theory. Chairman: Caleb Fuller. HAL 114.
“Entrepreneurship All the Way Down: A Theory of Property Rights” Tegan Truitt (Grove City College)
○ “A New Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations: Analyzing the Impact of Entrepreneurial Institutions on Economic Development” Susannah Barnes (Grove City College)
○ “Man of Action: A Review of Entrepreneurship in Murray N. Rothbard ,” Fernando D’Andrea (Oklahoma State University)

Entrepreneurship in Practice. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
○ “Distortions in the Market for Privacy & Entrepreneurial Reactions,” Water Smith (Grove City College)
○ “The Big Tech Debate, Neo-Brandeisians, and Competition,” Luke Mason (Grove City College)
○ “Killing Them Softly: The Unintended Consequences of Minimum Wage Policy,” Jack Everett (Grove City College)

3:45-5:15 Sessions
Property and Law. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
○ “The Unattended Consequences of Intellectual Property on the Film Streaming Industry,” Dawson Kiser (Grove City College)
○ “Protect or Neglect: A Refined Definition of Property and Property Rights” Kurtis Hingl (Grove City College)
○ “Statism’s Catch-22: An Austro-Libertarian Analysis of “Self-Determination of Peoples” under International Law,” David Hoffa (Michigan State University)

5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.
6:45-7:00 Awarding of the Thomas E. Woods Prizes for Best Papers. Sticht Lecture Hall.
7:00-8:00 The Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.
“From Marx to Mises: My Life-Changing Experience with the Austrian School of Economics” Dr. Yuri Maltsev

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